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Wine Dating EXPAT EDITION – Wine-Speed Dating Event! (24 – 39 J.)

Juni 24 @ 20:00 - 22:30

Find your new favorite wine or person: Find your MATCH! No lame Speeddating: 5 groups. 5 challenges. 5 wines and a bunch of single expats <3

â€đŸ·Wine Dating – Find your new favorite!đŸ·â€

Tï»żhe language of love is universal. So join us for a fun dating night! We just assume that every expat speaks English in this age group. So far, we have not been mistaken đŸ’Ș

We observe it almost every week at our Wine Tasting Events: Many of you come to us (freshly) in love with your partners and have a great evening! It’s either us or the wine, but wine tastings and dates fit like a glove!

Wï»że know how it is to be in a foreign country and a new city. It can be lonely and overwhelming at times and being without meaningful connections surely doesn’t do it, after a while.

That’s why we decided to play cupid and create an event series for everyone who wants to date in Munich.

Our concept?

Nothing against online dating, but the real world is so much more fun, and it works! Try it out and spend a nice evening that will be anything but random.

Don’t worry about it being uptight or having stage fright – as always, we’ll provide a super relaxed atmosphere and lots of good wine.

Besides, what’s better than one match? Two matches! With us you will not only find your new favorite person (maybe), but also the matching favorite wine (most likely).

So how does it work?

Imagine speed dating, but much more relaxed. No pressure, with us you don’t sit in (somewhat cramped) 1:1 situations and have only 5 minutes with the other person. Instead there are:

5 groups đŸ‘«đŸ‘«đŸ‘«

5 challenges đŸ’Ș

5 Wines đŸ·

We will keep changing the groups so that at some point everyone will have sat at a table with everyone else. You will have to solve different games and challenges. So there will be plenty to talk about. In each group there will be as many men and women as possible.

We welcome you, explain the rules of the game, and as a warm-up exercise we start with a small tasting round. The different wines run like a red thread through the evening – whether the wine plays the main role, you can decide for yourself. 🙂

At the end of the evening you decide discreetely with whom it has sparked (and which wine was your favorite). After the event we will connect the matches. Nothing stands in the way of your next wine date! 😍

What do I have to bring?

As always, our Wine Dating is aimed at complete wine beginners and curious professionals. Whether the focus is on the wine or your counterpart that evening, the fun is clearly in the foreground. So just bring a desire for wine and new people and you’ll have everything you need!

What is included?

  • Lots of good wine in one of our tasting rooms!
  • Water & small nibbles
  • Tasting sheets for the wine and your potential matches

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Munich Wine Rebels

* in case not enough singles are joining, we will have to cancel the event.

**Please note: The current Corona measures (if any) apply.

Find more info on our website: or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Munich Wine Rebels – Tasting Room – City West
Plinganserstraße 6, Theater-Eingang im 1. Stock links
MĂŒnchen, Bayern 81369 Germany


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